Managed Services

These are some of the main service types:

  1. Hardware & Software
  2. Network Infrastructure
  3. Mobile device management
  4. Cloud computing
  5. Cybersecurity

Managed IT service providers act as technology consultants to their clients in the field of IT implementation instead of being an on-demand service provider.

Networks and servers, software and technology, infrastructures, data backup system, and overall network security.

Managed IT services allow organizations to focus on core projects and strategic initiatives instead of day-to-day operations.

With an outsourcing service you pick specific services and ask an external company to help address specific business needs. A managed service provider offers a comprehensive range of technology services within one or many technology domains.

Cloud Computing

It’s the delivery of computing services including server storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence to offer faster innovation with flexible resources.

Cloud computing is an on-demanding availability of computing system resources, without direct active management by the user. This reduces operating costs on system upgrades. New hardware and software may be included in your contract and you no longer need to pay wages for expert staff.

  1. Infrastructure as a service
  2. Platform as a service
  3. Software as a service


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband internet connection instead of a regular phone line.

A VoIP system works by taking your analogue voice signals and converting them into digital signals. Then send them as data over your broadband line. It’s a lot cheaper than using normal phone lines.

VoIP solutions tend to offer greater function than landlines by allowing users to host video calls and transmit multimedia messages, with add-on features like voicemails, call analytics, and anonymous call rejection.

Theses are some VoIP types:

  1. Residential VoIP services
  2. Device-based VoIP Services
  3. Software-based VoIP Services
  4. Mobile VoIP services
  5. Business VoIP services

These are some advantages:

  1. Lower costs
  2. Increased accessibility
  3. Complete portability
  4. Higher scalability
  5. Clear voice quality
  6. Supports multitasking

Low cost per call. A VoIP telephone system uses internet protocol to make the call, instead of using telephone lines, so all the communication data is turned into packets and sent over the IP network, lowering the cost.

IT Security

The internet is a vulnerable channel for exchanging information, with a high risk of intrusion by hackers and cybercriminals. A solid network security system should be a number one priority to reduce the risk of data loss, theft, and cyberattacks.

These are some types of network security:

  1. Firewall
  2. Network Segmentation
  3. Remote Access VPN
  4. Email security
  5. Data loss prevention
  6. Hyperscale network security

A firewall is a network security system that manages and regulates the network traffic based on some protocols and establishes a barrier between a trusted internal network and the internet.

While WANs cover larger areas allowing computers in different cities and nations to connect, LANs are typically faster and more secure than WANs.

Data backup and recovery

Backup and recovery describe the process of creating and storing copies of data that can be used to protect the organization against data loss. Recovery from a backup typically involves restoring the data to the original location or an alternate location. If your data is corrupted, lost, or deleted, a data recovery service may be able to help you get it back.

Data recovery can take 48 hours in most cases, but it may also take longer. Drives needing hardware recovery generally take up to 7 to 10 days.

These are the top benefits of data backup:

  1. Quick access to files
  2. Protection against power failures
  3. Added anti-virus protection
  4. Safeguard against failed hard drive
  5. Recovery if the operating system fails

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 because you can enjoy an array of cloud and AI-based features in addition to the the classic office apps like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint available in Office 2019. And you can easily access your files in any device, due to its secure cloud storage. The improved communication and automatic updates are some other advantages of the Office 365.

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Publisher
  • Access
  • Teams
  • OneDrive

At OneSource, we provide a comprehensive office 365 package to our customers, including data backup and recovery, cloud computing, or any customized additions that your business might need, along with a supportive service that you can rely on.

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